“an Analysis of the Different Factors Affecting Consumer Decision Making Process of Makati Residents When Purchasing Electronic Gadgets”

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Chapter 1
I.Title: “An Analysis of The Different Factors Affecting Consumer Decision Making Process of Makati Residents When Purchasing Electronic Gadgets” Suggested revisions:
An Analysis on the Correlation of Buyer’s Characteristics and Preferences When Purchasing Mobile Phones An Analysis on the Correlation of Buyer’s Characteristics, Environmental Factors and Buying Preferences When Purchasing Mobile Phones

II.Statement of the Problem
1.What are the characteristics of Makati Residents in terms of: a)Personal
ii.Age and Life cycle
iii.Nature of job
v.Personality and Self concept
ii.Social Class
iii.Social group
i.Reference Groups
iii.Roles and Status


2.What are the environmental factors that could affect Makati residents’ buying preferences? a) Economic
b) Cultural
c) Political
d) Technological

3.How do the following marketing strategies of mobile phone marketers affect buying preferences of Makati residents? a) Brand
b) Product specifications/ features
c) Promotions
d) Price
e) Store Location
f) Product distribution/ availability

4. How do the Makati residents’ characteristics influence their preferences when purchasing mobile phones?
5. What marketing strategies may be proposed for Mobile phone suppliers/marketers that would satisfy consumers’ preferences?

III. Hypothesis

IV. Significance of the Study
The researchers believe that the outcome of this study would be a significant contribution: •To students: this study may serve as a future reference for researches related to consumer buying behaviour and buyer decision-making process. •To gadget entrepreneurs: this proposal may show which marketing strategies are be effective to specific target markets, with Makati residents as the sample population •To local manufacturer of gadgets: understanding of consumers’ decision making process and the factors that affect their preferences in electronic gadgets could help manufacturers conceptualize on which innovative features they could introduce to the market •To Filipino consumers: this study may enlighten Filipino consumers on how manufacturers use different marketing strategies to entice buyers of their products, thus making the consumers more careful of their purchases

III.Scope and Limitations

This study aims to analyse the factors affecting Makati residents’ decision making process when purchasing electronic gadgets. The researchers will specifically look into how a consumer’s demographics and the electronic gadgets’ features affect the consumers’ preferences. The researchers will also study in detail the consumer’s decision-making process from his recognition of need for the gadgets to his evaluation of the purchased product and how this evaluation can further affect the following purchases he will make.

The sample population of the study however is limited only to Class C and D Makati residents, as classified by the National Statistics Office.

Data collection shall be gathered through interviews and survey , library research and foreign and local studies as reference. We aim to gather at least ___________ of respondents around the area of Makati.

This research will be conducted within three(1) months, one (1) semester at Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila, as a requirement in research and case writing subject. Chapter 2
I.Foreign and Local Literature Studies



IV.Theoretical Framework

Kotler’s (2012) Consumer Behavior Model

In Kotler’s Principles of Marketing (2012), he illustrates a model of consumer behaviour, specifying factors that may affect a consumer’s purchase of goods. He starts with the environment where marketing stimuli and the socio-cultural situation of a person are considered as inputs leading to the ‘Buyer’s Black Box’. Marketing stimuli, as part of the...
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