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Amorality is viewed as an absence of, indifference towards, or disregard for morality. It is an intrinsic property of an object because while morality is determined relatively to a moral code, amorality can exist independently, especially by default in the absence of morality According to Merriam Webster, amoralism is being neither moral nor immoral i.e. lying outside the sphere to which moral judgments apply. Being outside or beyond the moral order or a particular code of morals An amoral person is one who does not recognize right or wrong, who lacks beliefs in any morals and denies the existence of objective morality. Some arguments have risen over the years with some philosophers arguing that some adult choose to be Amoral by rejecting morality, they have the free will to reject morality for non-moral reasons. According to F. Nietzsche, amoralism may arise from:-

Metaphysical: in this case there is a denial of the intelligibility of being as well as the intelligibility of human nature. Epistemological: In this case there is a denial that is possible to know the objective truth Anthropological: in this case human freedom is treated as absolute, and in the name of freedom any objective good of the person apart from human freedom is rejected. This freedom is situated beyond good and evil. According to Aristotle amoralism is not found in classical thought in which being always posed rationally and was aimed at the realization of the end or good. Man discovered the inclinations in the form of obligation and command to perform the good. The good was conceived as the last end of action and was described as happiness. HUMAN AMORALISM

It appears in adults and even children from a young age. However, some humans may be considered amoral. There is some debate as to whether the infant human being develops a moral sense, if moral education is cultivated from within or implanted from without? It is argued that new born infants do not...
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