American, French, Russian Revolution

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October 4,2010 History 109 Essay Two

The American Revolution, French Revolution, and Russian Revolution are known as the three great revolutions in world civilization. There are many things that relate these three revolutions, as well as many things that make them very different than one another. \ The American Revolution had started because of a dispute between the British and the Colonists. Since Britain was the mother country, everything the colonists made went back to Britain. Parliament started to tax the colonists on many items that were not taxed in the past. The colonists put up a fight that, if, parliament could make laws for the colonists then the colonists should have representation so their views are being looked at as well. One of the first and most famous acts is the Stamp Act of 1765. This Act enraged colonists and was quickly repealed after being put into affect. The second act was the Navigation acts, this stated that the commerce between Britain and the new world that was once not being watched will now be on a very close watch and tightly enforced. In 1783 the Paris Treaty stated that the 13 former colonists were now sovereign states and equal to all others. Most of the white males were able to vote and hold office in the new democratic government rather then following a monarchy. The people of the new world tried making forms of government starting with the Articles of Confederation.

The French Revolution had started in 1789, because of a dispute over finances and taxation. The money issues stemmed from a series of wars between France and Britain, France and Austria, and France and Prussia. Due to the costly wars more taxes had to be paid, but whom were they going to tax? In France the middle class and peasants were taxed much higher before all of the wars had happened. The church and nobles had to pay almost nothing in taxes. There were three estates in France. The first estate being clergy, the second being nobles and the third was...
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