American Fall Apart

Topics: Socialism, Capitalism, United States Pages: 6 (2543 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Kevin Nguyen
Professor Dulaney
English 122
October 8, 2012
Will America Collapse?
Did you ever stop to think though the richest country in the world, the United States, known to be the country where all dreams come true; it seems like over the generations it has fallen apart? I mean come on now we don’t even have to open the news to know that this world is falling apart, yet we sit in our own confusion as to why our own country is in despair. Despite being one of the most successful countries in the world we struggle to be one of the best due to individual struggles and needs, as we strive for more individualistic freedoms, we limit our strive to become a better country as a whole. When we look at a country as a whole what better idea than to target the head of state, the government for all the problems that we face in the United States. Yes we can say that most of our problems has a correlation with the government but as a whole country, everyone contributes to this idea of a capitalist society just by being a part of it. Because many of our United States citizens have learnt to work the capitalist system, we’ve as humans learnt how to be selfish not caring for others desires, and most other’s needs. We’ve somehow forgot what it means to be righteous, and have been influenced by society that feeding for ourselves is what will get you through. Through our actions, we have become a cold generation, and desirable one, like the economist just like author Anthony Burgess says, the United States, known to be the country where all dreams come true, seems like over the generations it has fallen apart. When we look at a country as a whole, there is no better target to blame than the government and denunciate them straight away for our downfall. Yes we can say that most of it has to do with the government but as a whole country, everyone is at fault and they just look for ways to pass it off as, “How is it my fault?” it’s the presidents fault for not fixing all our problems he’s the leader and he’s not doing a good job otherwise we would be become more successful as a country rather than decline. Despite the fact that America is still one of the best places to live due to financial opportunities and freedom, if United States continues its course that it is going on America is doom to fall in the future due to our people not being united under the same cause. Individualism and freedoms will become the ultimate downfall to this glorious nation. “Is America Falling Apart?” an essay by Anthony Burgess critiques the United States. Burges, a British citizen lived in New Jersey a year in the 1970s while being a visiting professor at Princeton University and expressed his opinion of what is wrong with America. Anthony Burgess wrote "Is America Falling Apart?" to highlight the faults of America with the hope that America would change rather than disintegrate. The central theme of his essay was that America was too individualistic and would benefit from giving up some of that individualism in order to be a healthier society. "Where private ownership prevails, public amenities decay or are prevented from coming into being" (Burgess 287). His view of American individualism and how America needs to change is warped by his limited experience of large metropolitan areas and believing those experiences gave him an understanding of America. Burgess claims that Americans are finally realizing that obtaining goods is not the primary goal of life. I agree on his statement that America is focusing too much on individual needs and destroys others by striving to heights on their own. I truly believe that if America gave up some freedom and sacrificed some of it for the whole country we can benefit a lot in our society and we can continue to be one of the most successful countries in the world. Burgess also states, “America, the world’s biggest consumer is the world’s biggest polluter,” using examples such as the Los Angeles smog and the tons of...

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