AMEC and Aurizon Mine Ltd carbon emission

Topics: Sustainability, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: November 11, 2013
3. Investigation on AMEC and Aurizon Mine Ltd
Our group investigate two companies, the AMEC and the AM. By comparing the annual report, sustainable report as well as the Carbon Disclosure project report in 2011, it was found both AMEC and Aurizon is try their best to ensure their performance is environment friendly. 3.1 Disclose of carbon emission information and environment accountability AMEC provides consultancy service to its customers. The four areas it mainly focused on is oil and gas, mine, energy, as well as sustainable environment market (AMEC annual report). As a leader in protecting environment sustainable development, AMEC aims to improve the carbon efficiency and it has set up the intensity target on the next 40 years. It predicted that in 2020, its carbon emission would reduce to almost 40% compared to the base year. And until 2050, AMEC prefer to reduce its carbon dioxio emission to as much as 80% compared with base year(AMEC CDP report). Clean energy industry plays increasingly important role in our society, planning the use of nuclear power is one of the most work for AMEC. Recently,AMEC has developed several projects to support the research of clean energy. There are many successful cases to indicate the excellent ability of AMEC, for example, with the help of AMEC, the Honeywell ltd successful operate the remediation programme. In addition, AMEC plan to use the software, which could reduce the IT carbon emission. Aurizon Mine ltd is an famous Canadian gold producer.As Aurizon is a low producer or CO2, so it unnecessary for them to release data in terms the regulatory risks( AM CDP report). But in development, Aurizon choose the environment friendly methods all the time. It set up a sustainability committee to make sure its operations are healthy, safe, and contribute to environment sustainable development. Aurizon also set some significant targets to ensure the mine...
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