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HUM 2210; REF#136333; Fall, 2014
TTH 11:35-12:50 CH 161
Dr. Curt Willits, professor

OFFICE PHONE: 201-9628 (office); 201-8360 (secretary)
***Best to e-mail me, for I will respond within 24 hours.
OFFICE HOURS: TTh 1:10- 2:10


Hum 2210: Humanities I (3)—Pre-requisite: successful completion of the communications requirement. The study of the arts and ideas of various cultures consisting of an integrated, historical, and global approach to cultural expressions in the humanities including architecture, sculpture, painting, music, drama, literature, religion, and philosophy. Course covers the expressions that date from the Paleolithic period to the European Renaissance; includes Middle Eastern and Asian influences upon European culture. Satisfies the general education requirement. Course includes writing component: fulfills state writing requirement. Three (3) credit hours.

Sayre, Henry M. The Humanities: Culture, Continuity, & Change, Books 1, 2, 3. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008.


Upon completion of the course, students should be able to accomplish the following. 1. Understand and appreciate outstanding cultural expressions of the humanistic tradition. 2. Interpret and analyze selected artistic and ideological expressions. 3. Compare and contrast selected artistic and ideological expressions. 4. Identify causal influences in the chronological development of arts and ideas. 5. Apply what they have learned about one culture or cultural expression when examining another. 6. Demonstrate how selected artistic and ideological expressions do or do not illustrate a cultural period or a stylistic concept. 7. Defend personal opinions regarding the interpretations of selected artistic and ideological expressions. 8. Demonstrate rhetorically effective writing appropriate for the study of humanities and meeting all requirements for college level writing.

***Please advise instructor if you will be taking exams at DSS.***


Class sessions will consist primarily of PowerPoint presentations that include representative images, texts, and audio from the humanist tradition. Students will be responsible for viewing/reading the powerpoints and/or other material prescribed for each presentation. When engaging literary texts, the students must read the assigned pages before classes, be ready to pass written quizzes on the readings and be ready to discuss each respective day’s assignment.

*** Using laptop computers or other electronic devices is not allowed in class. For each incident, violators will be docked ten points on the following exam.

Classroom Etiquette:
1. No talking during class. Private conversation cannot and will not be tolerated. 2. No reading the newspaper, or other outside material, or doing other homework during class. 3. Due to the abuse of using computers in class in the past, I ask that you do not use a laptop for taking notes. 4. Arriving late and leaving early are disruptive. Please be considerate of your instructor and fellow students by arriving on time. If you should need to arrive late or leave early, please notify the instructor. 5. Turn off cell phones before entering the classroom.

Attendance Policy
Classroom attendance supplements and enriches text materials through films, slides, lectures, and discussions.  In addition, class discussions suffer without each student present, since all viewpoints in discussion are important. Class attendance and punctuality are important. TCC's Catalog states, “All students enrolled in the College are expected to attend all classes, since regular attendance and regular application constitute the two most significant factors that...
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