Alexander the Great Conquest

Topics: Iran, Alexander the Great, Greeks Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Alexander the Great's Distribution of Culture

Someone who has abilities above the normal or average person is considered great. In this case, were talking about Alexander the infamous Greek invader. Alexander the Great was a man of conquest and curiosity. By the age of twenty he had already conquered many of his local Grecian city states and had established himself as a leader. His desire to conquer and explore grew as he aged. As he travelled he took along with him the morals and customs of the place he was from. Alexander the Great spread Greek culture through conquest and the use of cultural manipulation.

Much of Alexander's success in conquering the Persian Empire was due to his guile. In ancient times, imperialists couldn't just decimate and conquer territories without the aid of some other component. In this case, the component was deceit. Alexander is usually thought of as a great warrior rather than an strategic mastermind. He was a great warrior in fact, but his abilities extended much further than that. When he passed through Persia he adopted the "Persian way of dressing," so that he "might not appear alien to them" (Arrian.) He convinced all the people in the cultures that he invaded that he was one of them, and that he had come to rule their area. Through this sort of manipulation he easily became the ruler of whatever place he desired, and subsequently spread his culture to that place. Bringing his men and declaring that he was the ruler because of his strength and size, enabled him to conquer and gain power. Usurping other cultures with his own, Alexander forced them to adapt and take on his culture. He didn't intentionally spread his culture, he just did what he thought was right. He conquered, and with his conquering came the dispersion of culture. When two worlds or cultures meet intentionally, things have to coexist or else everything will fall apart. Alexander left some of his men in Persia because he thought it was necessary to...
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