Affects of beauty on society

Topics: Morality, Religion, Cookie Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 20, 2014
“Beauty and folly are old companions,” Benjamin Franklin. In life with beauty there is folly: a lack of good sense. When you so idolize a superficial thing such as beauty it does not come with good sense. There are no ways to demonstrate the good that has come with idolizing beauty. In recent trends it does show that as society progresses the more humans idolize the concept of “beauty.” Beauty has reached such detrimental standards that few can achieve them. In turn, the standards of beauty are corrupted because of: money, morals, and society.

Money is a contributor to beauty. It seems that the wealthier a society the more it focuses on the standards of beauty. For instance, in New York City they live a more glamorous lifestyle than those of suburbia. When you are constantly surrounded by wealth and beauty you get sucked into that life style you become those that are around you. The reason that those who are wealthier are more concerned with beauty is because they can afford the plastic surgery and the designer outfits, it’s more of a norm. The wealth can spend their day worry about what to wear while the middle and lower class need to provide nourishment to their families. With wealth they can focus on the superficial aspects of life. The annual income of a person can directly correlate to their standards of beauty.

The looser a person’s moral the vainer they become. In some cases the less moral standing of a person the more concerned they are about their appearance. As it shows those who are of lower moral standing take more time to focus on themselves and their appearance because they are more concerned about how others perceive them. People who are immoral are vainer and greedy they become so obsessed with themselves they lose sight of what is truly important in life. They do not see how detrimental their beauty and immorality can be to themselves and their surroundings. People who are more eager to please and need attention are the ones beauty is a...
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