Affective Domain Versus Cognitive Domai

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Karen Castro
Professor Heidner
Gra 103
October 22, 2014
Affective Domain versus Cognitive Domain
Within the Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning lie three different domains Affective, Cognitive and Psychomotor. Here, I will focus on the Affective and Cognitive Domain. The affective and cognitive domains are two different ways in which the way of learning can be categorized. Someone may be successful by first analyzing and corresponding his or her goal to a certain domain. The domains all have a point and a steps that one may follow to succeed. Of course, the steps go from simplest to most complex and the first one must be mastered before proceeding to the next step. The affective domain focuses on emotion such as motivation, feelings or/and values. The categories involved in the affective domain are receiving, responding, valuing, organization, and internalizing values. The first category, receiving, is when a person is aware. The person is able to locate his or her attention and understand what the goal is. Then, comes responding that is when the learner is willing and able to be active and participate by his or her own. Next, valuing which is the value someone may put on something and how they deal with that specific thing. The person becomes attached and shortly more interested. The fourth domain is organization. The learner organizes values by comparing, contrasting and analyzing each. The last category in the affective domain is internalizing values also known as characterization. At this category the learner is able to act based on his or her values which reflects on behavior.

The Cognitive domain deals with knowledge and intellectual skills. There are six levels of cognitive processes which are knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Knowledge is remembering or recalling previously learned information. A person is able to identify, define or describe something. Next, is comprehension, in this...
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