Advantages and Disadavntages of homeschooling on'es child

Topics: Morality, Education, Alternative education Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: April 10, 2014
Homeschooling is where children are not institutionalized but rather open to learning in their natural environment. This may be facilitated by educated parents, family members or tutors. Rudner, 1998, posits that home school students score above the national median in reading, language, mathematics, social studies, and science. Homeschooling since the work of Rudolf Steiner in the 1970’s has become the commonly accepted term for many types of learning outside of school. Steiner emphasis on developing the individual’s self-awareness and judgment, sheltered from political and economic aspects of society fits well into adolescence. Also, Howard Garner’s teaching approach that recognizes a style of learning designs, included in homeschooling education. According to a former government official Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris; who was once the Minister of Education in St. Kitts and Nevis stated, ‘“The issue of moral values in children currently occupies center stage in most countries, both regionally in the OECS and CARICOM countries, and internationally. There is widespread concern about the attitudes, values and beliefs of young children. The increase in violent crime and drug abuse among the youth is quite saddening and appalling.”’ It is said that, “Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army” (Edward Everett, cited by Schnee, 1999). He also stated that, “Education is therefore the key to effectively addressing the moral dilemma in which countries find themselves today.” He continue, “The so-called decline in moral standards among our youths can only be addressed if children are taught more effectively the difference between right and wrong, especially how to respect other people and their property.” “It is, to my mind, extremely important for education to be value-based and that a co-operative, loving, truthful, respectful and caring environment should be provided in schools if children are to develop, discover and explore the...
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