Adult Hood: Morality and Academic Integrity

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Morality and Academic Integrity|

In Chapter Three of Adult Development and Life Assessment, you read about morality and values, which develop over time as we learn and reflect on what is right or wrong. Academic integrity is being honest and responsible in the academic realm. Consider the Chapter Three reading and respond to the prompts below:   * Describe a specific situation (academic or personal) in which you had to use your moral judgment to make a decision. I was a store manager for Circuit City and a couple of my cousin needed a job bad so I stepped out on a limb for them an got them a job. The job was in the warehouse and it was a pretty good paying position. A truck came in with a special order item on it and it came up missing. Well I went throw all of the proper step as well as watching the video tape and saw him taking it out the back door. So I had no choice but to terminate him on the spot. * Would you have made the same decision earlier in your life? Why or why not? The decision of me hiring him, NO I wouldn’t have and my reason for that is. I have a family and an obiogation to my company that I will no matter what up hold. An I don’t like working with friends nor family members because of situations like this, they always want you to bail them out of dumb trouble when they get in it. * In your own words, describe what academic integrity is and why it is important for students at Ashford University to uphold the highest of standards. This is something that I take very serious because I feel that if a person is or does lie to me, cheat or be dishonest about his or her education and have no kind of set core values about their education. This is and will NOT ever be the type of students that Ashford University needs, nor wants to be a part of.
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