Adapting to a New Culture

Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Adaptation Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Adapting to a New Culture

Adjusting to a new government, similar to adjusting to a new culture requires learning and adapting to new rules and norms. Dealing with this kind of change comes with new lessons, new understandings of life and new perspectives. Individuals have to learn things from scratch, learn to understand the culture and most importantly, people have to stop making assumptions. Moreover, a new culture requires a new level of open-mindedness. This is not always an easy process to go through. However, through education, creating valuable relationships and a positive attitude, it is possible to gradually get used to the new environment. One of the most important ways of adapting to a new culture is through education. For one, it is important to learn and understand the new rules and traditions that you are getting into. It is also important to not only learn through listening but through asking questions. In addition, if there are things that are not understood, it is helpful to clarify them before getting into potentially awkward and confusing situations. For example, an immigrant in a new country can go to a newcomer’s centre which will have activities, classes and even people that will guide him/her as he/she learns and adapts to his/her new culture. According to kende, “[people] can learn English easily in Canada “(135) .It shows that, people can easily learn a new language. For instance, some immigrant has questions about where to get a job, how to get into school, how the government works, where to learn the language if there is a language barrier and so on, this will be the place to ask the questions. This would typically be the kind of place that has enough resources to take care of the newcomer’s needs. Therefore, once the newcomer learns about the how the culture works, he/she will feel confident enough to venture out on his/her own and experience the new culture to its fullest. Another valuable way to adapt...
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