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Topics: Human anatomy, Light, Climate change Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: February 2, 2014

“Stop climate change before it changes you.”


Everyone on the Earth.
A human body with a fish head.
Help to reduce the effects of climate change.

If nothing is done to slow down the processes that aid in climate change, it will negatively affect not only humans but also the ones living in extreme conditions.

Marketing Techniques
Surrealism and Fear message:
The first can be seen in the image: a fish head with a human body. Surrealism appears as a reflection of how dramatic climate changes can affect everyone, but particularly us, because the principal cause of climate changes are us, humans. And means that make no sense the things that we are changing in the world. The fear message is directed at our acts, which are negative for our planet and for each one of us.

Comment: The image seems not real, “surreal”, and is just a simple figure of a man, that his face is distorted with fish like features. This warning almost unforgettable image is from the WWF to stop climate change, which is a very controversial topic. The only figure is seen shoulder up facing slightly to the left whit his head; it’s like a “hero” pose, where the light is illuminating more the face than the rest of the body and it is assumed that a spotlight only shines on important people. It uses lighting to create a show how the issue is not advertised enough and to bring out the important features as the fact that fish is sad and haunting. The use of colour adds more to the image and emphasizes important persuasive elements of the image and text. Emphasizing its importance and making sure the audience sees the words, because they are the written arguments that the advertisement’s image is trying to portray. Overall the striking imagery, with excellent usage of colour, text, imagery, lighting, layout and posture conveys WWF’s argument that climate change needs to be stopped.
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