Acct 325 Writting Assignment 4

Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Work Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: October 23, 2012
David A Lara
Acct 325-02
Prof G James Kunkel

In today's modern business world it is very important to work in teams. Working in teams provides the support and shared knowledge needed to complete a task. Engaging in teamwork can sometimes have a negative result. This usually occurs when there is a lack of strong leadership skills within the group. I have had a negative experience with teamwork. Fortunately, I was able to reflect on this negative experience, and use what I have learned to improve with future projects. One negative encounter with group work can change your connotation of all group work. I had a bad experience in my Management 307 course at Cal State University of Los Angeles. My assignment for that class was quickly turned into an unpleasant experience because there was a great amount of miscommunication, no set deadlines, and procrastination. There was conflict among the team-members. Thankfully we pulled through and in the end we were able to accomplish our assignment. Now that I take a look back how things unfolded, there was so much information that I learned from this experience. This was around my early quarters at CSULA; having taken additional management courses taught me a new perspective when working in teams. Working in group environment is trial and error until one finds what effective tools can be used to ensure success in cooperation. A few of the things that I believe that could have been used to improve our team management are the following: setting up ground rules, enforcing penalties for failures to participate, and choosing an effective leader from the beginning. We will be going in detail the issues we had and how we could apply some tools of management to incorporate the changes we discussed before.

The most significant part of being in a group is to incorporate rules from the start of how your group will function. This is extremely important because it will set out guidelines for each...
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