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Give a brief description of the Nossal Institute for Global Health (Nossal) Nossal Institute of Global Health was established in 2006. Nossal is “actively involved in research, education and improving health practices” (Grimard, C 2009) in developing areas such as Asia Pacific and Southern Africa. The major countries include India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Papua New Guinea and Mozambique (The Nossal Institute For Global Health, 2009). Mike Sewell was a general manager and secretary for Nossal. He significantly contributed to the company in 2011 when he became involved in a climate change course along with a group of others under the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Climate Project led by Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. Sewell believes that the lack of resources in a developing country increase strain on climate change, therefore presenting that climate change affects developing countries more than anyone else. Sewell also believes that small business do not address the issues of climate change because they are simply not aware of the effects (Grimard, C 2009).

Outline how climate change is likely to affect Nossal’s business operations in developing countries. “Communities have to be ready for higher temperature, less rainfall, more frequent severe droughts and more extreme storms” (Climate Change, 2009). These changes will affect Nossal’s business operations in developing countries because they will have little water supply, little ability to produce natural resources, lack of understanding for human health and insufficient buildings, roads and power supplies (Climate Change, 2009). These are all necessary components for Nossal in a developing country to help and make the area a more suitable place for living. These effects of climate change are further likely to impact on agriculture and biodiversity in the developing countries. Climate change is also likely affect Nossal as some of these elements will affect the everyday decisions made by their business....
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