Accounting information in decision making

Topics: Decision making, Critical thinking, Decision theory Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: July 5, 2015
Alfathan Rizqy Pambudi
The Rule Accounting information in decision making
In this day organization on business activity always face the problem including internal and external problem. Decision making be required for face the problem and make the organization get higher profit than before. One of the factors to support the decision making is the need for an adequate information system so that if there occurs an error in the company's policy, managers can make decisions quickly to address these issues. to obtain adequate information we need accounting information. Accounting information is a systematic connective issue in the presentation of useful information and can power to help leaders companies in an effort to achieve organizational goals that have been set previously. If accounting information connected with object information like product and companies activity it will generate accurate accounting information, It will help manager make right decision and useful for organizational behavior and human behavior in organization. Decision making divided into two, long-term decision and short-term decision. Long-term decision was made by manager can useful for one year or more. Example for long term decision are buy or rent a machine, buy machine with cash or credit, etc. short-term decision was made by manager, when that decision was made will directly affect for organizational or employees. Examples of short term decision are what products should the business make this year? How should the business maximize limited resources this year?

Accounting information
Accounting has an important role in the business world, from small business until big company for get higher profit need accounting information for planning, supervision, and consideration for a decision making. There are the definitions of accounting: Accounting is the art of identifying, recording, classifying, and summarizing, in a significant manner and in terms of...
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