ACCG399 Tutorial 1

Topics: Finance, Accountancy, Knowledge Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: May 18, 2015
ACCG399 Tutorial 1 – Week 2
Thought Activity
Accounting, from my conception, is a system that provides quantitative information about finances. Unlike accounting, accountability is a responsibility to someone or for some activity. However, an accountant is an occupation who maintains and audits business accounts. Have been studying in university nearly two years, I have come to some conclusions about accounting. Until now, the thing that I enjoy is in financial accounting, because it is need us to do a lot of calculating and to check some financial report, because they are interesting. The things I have found difficult and struggled are about some accounting theories and rules, that is a little bit hard for me to remember them and some formulas, especially some concepts of terminology, they will make international students confused. Actually, I am a more of mathematics person rather than a strategic one. When I do these things that I found confused, I may feel upset but I still struggled with it as I see it as a challenge, I must fight with it and defeat it. In the future, I will read more concepts in accounting learning, and I also prepare to read more textbooks due to that will help me learn the accounting and help to have a better understanding. Leave for a couple of days and come back to the Thought Activity, I found there are some different to my opinion now. During this week’s recall, I found that ‘accounting’, ‘accountability’ and ‘accountant’ is not only what I described above and these words cannot solely be expressed by the dictionary, they are also could be everything since it might need the knowledge of accounting to promote the development of accounting. There are more practical things than what I have imagined. ACCG399 gives us a chance to stand on a higher position when we look at the accounting problem, this is also the reason why we should do this unit,

Post-Thought Activity
1. The tutor in this tutorial said that ACCG399 is a unit which...
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