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Topics: Learning, Sociology, Humanities Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: May 19, 2011
Academic study can help us improve our English skills and achieve our goals to contribute to society.This achievements require us to work hard and improve our abilities to adapt to the society. Therefore, the essay aims at telling you the aims of academic study.It will then suggest some ways to achieve that . BODY PART

Academic study, with the aims of developing personal growth, contributing to social development and gaining a higher-lever degree, is very important. Because when we do academic study, we pay our attention to it. We keep thinking over it , and then we try our best to do well in the study. After reading more books and referring to dictionaries , we find us gain a higher lever. Besides , the process of doing the study can broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge. So persist in doing it and we can improve ourselves in a long period. What’s more, doing academic study can help us learn academic skills , which can later lead to social development. Thus, it is very important for us to concentrate on academic study.

In order to achieve that, we should try to work hard and improve our abilities to adapt to the society. That is to say, we should learn to study by ourselves and try to read some more books about academic study. Because such deeds can arouse our interest in it and make us better understand academic skills . Once we are interested in it , we keep doing the study and we may achieve our goals later. Besides , developing our social abilities is also useful. For example , develop ing our communication ability can help us adapt to group discussion. It will help us get rid of misunderstandings and get aware of the academic study. Through it , we can adapt to society better. CONCLUSION

In conclusion , academic study , requiring us to work hard and adapt actively to society , is the key to our success.
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