Academic Goals

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) What are your academic goals for study in the US?
The ease of world-wide communications and travel coupled with unprecedented access to the Internet has spawned a truly global marketplace. One of the best ways for today's college students to prepare to take their places in that arena is by leaving behind the familiar halls of their respective academic institutions and venturing out to study abroad, and I have made a decision to explore the world. Study abroad can be a life changing experience with enormous benefits. Study abroad is a rewarding experience that can help me study my majors from an international perspective, understand the people and issues of the world from different lenses, develop a greater sense of independence, flexibility, and confidence, and enhance qualifications for my further steps in life and career. 60 Enhancing self-awareness and understanding of my own culture with this exchange opportunity, I would be more able to compare and contrast host country customs, values, and traditions with my own. (30) Volunteering is another thing I would like to experience in a foreign country. It is an excellent opportunity to become more involved in my host community, to meet local residents with similar interests, and to utilize foreign language skills. It can really be an opportunity to immerse myself in another world that is not so different from mine, yet could surprise me at every turn. I would like to gain a different perspective and meet people from all parts of the world that I could learn from and who may become my good friends. I think it also lets you get away from the ‘normal,' giving you the chance to grow and realize your full potential. Nothing can compare to it and I may never again come close to such an amazing experience. What I am led by is “Go and explore, come back and share”
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