Academic Disciplines and Occupation

Topics: Social sciences, Humanities, Psychology Pages: 5 (1554 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Jamileth Powell
Career Interest Review
Research Paper
February 18, 2012.

Academic Disciplines

This paper will clearly define, Academic Disciplines, Communications, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Social science, and Technology. The paper will identify and list the areas of interest branches and their sub branches to show their inter-relatedness then go on to identify two occupations related to the area of interest. The paper closes with my reflective analysis on the curriculum taught at The School of New Resources.

How can we define Academic Discipline? Academic Discipline can be defined as, a field of study, a branch of knowledge that is taught and researched at a college or university level.

Part 1
Communications is the discipline in which there’s an interchanging of thoughts, information by speech, writing or signs. Geography and electromagnetic field are branches of this discipline. A career that involves a type of communication is a radio host. By using electromagnetic field to send messages through radio waves, you then produce a sound that can be transmitted and then received by a receiver. We use this type of technology throughout our daily activities and in multiple professions. For example a Police officer’s radio or a truckers CB radio. Another career field that includes a type of communication is geography. This type of profession is even used on a daily basis by everyone from one point to another. The United States Navy uses this profession daily more than anyone. With this type of technology used in today’s society they are able to keep track of specific ship at any given location at any given time. They also have the ability to give specific coordinates to any enemy locations and or even their location for extra assistance.

Humanities deal with the human condition. The two branches of humanities are Language and literature. A career choice in language would be working as an interpreter in a courthouse or in the medical field. There are many instances to where this career will be considered valuable. Testimonies and or paper work needing translation for an attorney, judge, and or jury to understand would more than likely translated by a court appointed interpreter. The medical field on the other hand should be less complicated. There are some instances but not that many to where a patient will need the help of a interpreter to translate for them in order for the physician to fully diagnose the situation on hand, and also vice versa.

Natural Sciences are the naturalistic approach to the study of the universe. Two branches in this area are Earth Science and Space Sciences. There is still a lot to be learned about the universe and its contents. A portion of Earth Science study is performed by Meteorologists. There are independent researchers that perform similar acts in order to better understand the universe, but mainly for their own interests. But on the other hand, Meteorologists apply what they find and use it to our benefit as the human species. For example, Meteorologists are the people who predict the weather, and also estimate when a hurricanes or another type of nature’s unpredictable occurrences will occur. However, the study of the universe (excluding the earth and its contents) and its origins are studied by those who know about astrophysics. This field is better known as Space Sciences. The colonization of the planets, and whether or not another planet can with stand any type of life form can be determined by NASA scientists. The biology make-up of other planets, space travel, as well as meteorites and comets are all studied by these astrologists.

Psychology is the academic discipline which involves scientific study of human or animal function and behaviors. Neurophysiology and legal psychology are both branches of psychology. Neurologists assist in the early intervention of not only trauma patients involved in...
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