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Topics: Carbon dioxide, Climate change, Greenhouse gas Pages: 6 (1996 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Crescent Valley Eco Lodge Waiheke Island and It’s Contribution to the Environment

I will be discussing about how Climate Change affects our daily living and the things that we should know in order for us to be able to understand it better. Also, how this resort takes action on environmental preservation caused by today’s travel, tourism and technologies that causes Global Warming or Climate Change that affect greatly our ozone layer. I will also include what kind of facilities do they use that is eco friendly.

Climate change or also know as greenhouse effect is the major problem that we are facing right now. Our ozone layer gets more and more thinner due to excessive carbon emission that we make from our day to day activities and the equiptments and machineries that we use. It is very harmful to our environment and we need to act on it quickly to be able to gradually lessen these harmful effects. In humankind’s pursuit of well-being, we both influence and respond to climate. Anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases affect the heat balance of the Earth, and the resulting changes in precipitation patterns, temperature extremes and rising sea levels affect how society develops. The dynamic interaction between humans and climate is not new, but the scale of the interaction has reached unprecedented proportions. Climate research at the Earth Institute spans multiple disciplines. While climate scientists study the effects of increased temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide on the world’s oceans and weather patterns, engineers are seeking ways to produce cleaner energy and provide steady supplies of fresh water. Social scientists, policy experts and lawyers are studying human behavior in the face of change as a way to improve how we make decisions, and the policy and legal tools we can use to implement measures that address the climate challenge. The Columbia Climate Center integrates research from throughout the University and across disciplines to translate the best climate knowledge into practical solutions. (earth.columbia.edu N.D.) Scientists warn the expected impacts of climate change will include rising temperatures, sea-level rise, changing rainfall patterns and increased storminess. Adaptation is the process of preparing for and adapting to the impact of these changes on our economy, environment, infrastructure and way of life, in order to minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities. (climatechange.govt.nz 2008)

Physical impacts of Climate Change
Climate change will affect many natural and man-made systems to some extent depending on the sensitivity of the system and its ability to adapt to climate change. In New Zealand we are likely to see an increase in temperature of over 1ºC by 2050 and of over 2ºC (compared with 1990 levels) by the end of the century. There are likely to be fewer frost days in winter and more hot days in summer. One of the greatest impacts of climate change is likely to be on water resources, with higher rainfall in the west and less in the north and east. Climate change is expected to cause more frequent extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. (climatechange.govt.nz) Projections for other climate changes include:

* higher snow lines and possible reduced snow coverage
* an increase in strong westerly winds in the south
* an increase in average sea level.
Environmental Impacts of Tourism
Tourism nowadays are increasingly fast growing because the people around the world tend to look for a place where there is fresh air, very luxurious sceneries, very good environmental preservation and a time to get much relaxation from a hectic work. People find New Zealand as a perfect place for that matter and they are investing to come during holiday season because they really want to enjoy the vacation as memorable as it is. The sad thing is that New Zealand is a far place in which it requires a long haul flight from any destination...
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