Abe Reaction Paper

Topics: Global warming, Al Gore, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Margarette Louise L. Gumpal (2013-21456)ABE30 – T2

“An Inconvenient Truth: Reaction Paper”

In the documentary, Former US Vice President Al Gore addressed the threats of Global Warming and Climate Change. He revealed several studies about the sudden increase of Carbon Dioxide emissions and the temperature. He emphasised the possible effects of the warming of the Earth. The collapse of ice sheets in the north is one of the major products of this. Based also on the research that Mr. Gore showed in his slideshow, the United States plays a huge role on destroying our atmosphere. The US is the top Carbon Dioxide emission contributor in the world.

Following what he said, It is us, as individuals, who caused everything but nothing is ever late. We could definitely reduce and delay the future effects and sequences of this tragic situation that our home planet is facing. We as humans and stewards should take responsibility of the Earth. It is true that anyone can contribute to the advocacy of taking care of the Earth but believe me or not, there are quite a number of people who can take it to a whole new level.

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers have the capacity to not just protect the Earth but prevent and stop Global Warming. It is their job to study weather and climate and use this information to enhance mainly crop production which brings humankind enough food supply but they do not simply do it for agricultural purposes. ABEngineers develop systems that further the study of changes in climate and temperature which enables researchers to create techniques to address climate related problems. They usually do weather forecasting which helps everyone on preventing bad catastrophic effects. By forecasting, they provide the world information. This little information could change our lives forever. Imagine if none of them existed, how and when should we prepare for Global Warming consequences? They are immensely helpful on preventing disasters....
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