5 Fat Turkeys Are We

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5 Fat Turkeys Are We
Music Standard
STANDARD 1: Students will develop a sense of self.
OBJECTIVE 3: Develop and use skills to communicate ideas, information, and feelings. Identify and express ideas, information, and feelings in a variety of ways (e.g., draw, paint, tell stories, play, make believe, dance, sing). Non-Music Standard

Mathematics Kindergarten
Core Standards of the Course
Domain: Counting and Cardinality
Count to tell the number of objects.
4. Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality When counting objects, say the number names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one number name and each number name with one and only one object. Materials:

A chef’s hat, a plate, and a spoon for the teacher’s costume. Open space suitable for class movement.
This song needs to be taught in the month of November before Thanksgiving. Students need space to move and knowledge of the types of foods eaten on Thanksgiving. Invitation to learn: Teacher will come into the classroom dressed up as a chef, using a Chef's hat, a plate and a spoon for props. Teacher will introduce song by asking what holiday is coming up and discussing with the class what types of food we eat on Thanksgiving. Finally the teacher will tell the students that they will be learning a song about how 5 fat turkeys didn’t become dinner on Thanksgiving. Process

Teacher will play a recording of the song while students listen and discuss how the turkeys stayed safe on Thanksgiving Students will stand up and make sure that they have an arm width space between them and the students next to them to allow for movement. Teacher will model the first line of the song with the actions. Then have students do it with the teacher, and then students repeat the line with the actions by themselves. Teacher will continue this process line by line to complete song. When all the lines of the song have been completed...
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