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Topics: Truth, Communism, Animal rights Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Topic 1

The strongest objection to utilitarianism is that everyone has different views on what is good and what is not for the group. A person makes decisions that is supposed to benefit the group as a whole, however, that person cannot decide for the group what will benefit them the most. A counterexample to utilitarianism is communism. In a communist system, the population is supposed to work together to bring about the greatest good for the people. However, this system does not work because it does not provide incentive for people to work.

Topic 2

Management accountants and internal auditors are genuine professionals because a profession is a job which has specialized educational training. To become a CMA or CIA, there are multiple tests that are involved to have these certifications. CMA’s and CIA’s do not lack cruciality or mystique because they have gone through extensive learning and test taking in order to gain their certifications. These labels were not just given to these workers. CMA’s and CIA’s should be considered professionals because of their hard work to achieve their status.

Topic 3
Alan Ryan says that the most important ground of our right to be told the truth is autonomy. This means that because we have autonomy over ourselves, the right to plan our own lives, we should not be lied to. I agree that autonomy is very important in being told the truth. However, I do not think it is the most important aspect. The most important reason why we should be told the truth is because we have a moral obligation to tell the truth to our fellow man. We should not try to dupe people, it should be our natural goal to try to help people. Lying does not help anyone in this world. It sets the person who is lied to behind because he has false information and it sets the liar behind because he is hurting himself and creates a false sense of reality.
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