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Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

Name: Claire Duggan Date:3/12/14

Written questions: Unit 303 Support learning activities
(including part of units 332 and 301)

(NB: Please also refer to guidance in standards for words in bold)

Explain how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities, highlighting the importance of evaluating learning activities. (1.1, 5.1)
A learning support practitioner contributes to the planning of an activity by finding out the learning objectives of the lesson and how the teacher expects them to achieve this. They would then find out the ability of the children they will be working with to determine what extra support they may need or if they need any extra resources. They would gather any resources or equipment that are needed for the activity, ensuring that they work and that there is enough. The practitioner could also foresee any children in the group who may struggle or find the activity easy, so they can prearrange with the teacher any extension work or simpler work if needed. During the delivery of the lesson the practitioner will reinforce what the children have been learning and ensure that they understand the learning objectives and how this can be achieved. It is important that they can adapt strategies and styles if a child is struggling to understand what they have been asked to do. They should give extension work if needed. The children should be constantly observed to make sure they can provide the teacher with sufficient feedback. A practitioner for contribute to the review of the activity by giving the teacher feedback on how well the children did and if they achieved the objectives and how well the activity itself worked. They can comment on what worked well and what didn’t, say what could improve the activity to make the learning objectives better and if it would work again in the future. It is also important for them to look at their own performance during the lesson to see what was successful and what wasn’t and to see how you could improve. It is important to evaluate learning activities to make sure the children understood the learning objectives and that they were achievable. By giving feedback on the children they were working with, seeing how well they coped with the activity, they are informing the planning of future activities as the teacher can then see what the children can do and what they still need to work on. The children may need to go at a slower pace with some topics such as fractions but may understand area and perimeter quickly and could be extended at a faster pace. Evaluating the activity will also show the teacher what resources worked and what didn’t, this can determine what could be used in future lessons.
Explain the importance of reflective practice in continually providing the quality of service provided. (Unit 332 2.1) It is important to look at your own practice as it is one of the ways that you can improve the support that you give the children and it will also help you and the children reach their potential. By looking at your own practice you can assess the level of support you give and can see the areas that you can improve upon. If you fail to reflect on your own practice then you will stagnate and the level and quality of...
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