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10th grade American history test chapter 18 study guide.

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1. What were two major differences between the

governments of U.S. and Soviet Union?: US: Capitalism, private citizens controlled almost all economic activity.

Voting was done by the people electing a president and a congress from competing political parties.


Communism, State controlled all property and economic activity. Communist party established a totalitarian government with no opposing party when voting.

2. Main reason why the U.S. distrusted the Soviet Union

throughout WWII?: When US became more aware that Stalin had been an ally of Hitler and then supported the allies only after Hitler invaded the soviet union.

3. Two things the Soviet Union disliked about the allies

throughout WWII:: That the US kept its development of the atomic bomb a secret, also Stalin resented the Western Allies delay in attacking the Germans in Europe.

4. What was the main purpose of the UN?: Hope to bring world peace.

5. How many countries were originally involved in it?: Fifty

6. Why was Truman unprepared to become president when

Franklin Roosevelt died in April 1945?: He had only been vice president for a short while and wasn't really involved in the top policy decisions. This caused him to not know many important things.

7. What were some of Truman's qualities as a leader?: honest and able to make tough decisions.

8. What was the Potsdam Conference about?: creating a new postwar world.

9. What promise did Stalin make yet not fulfill that made

president Truman distrust him even more?: Promised free elections in Poland and other parts of eastern Europe. 10. What was Stalin's goal in supporting communist

governments in Eastern Europe?: to slow down all invasions from the west

11. What is containment?: Taking measures to prevent extension of communist rule to other countries.

12. what were president Truman's goals in establishing the policy of Containment?: to guide his foreign policy.

13. Main objective of the truman doctrine?: giving money to free people who are resisting being taken over by communism. 14. How did congress feel about the Truman doctrine?: That it would keep soviet influence from spreading.

15. Objectives of the Marshall plan?: US to provide aid to European nations in need.

16. How effective was the Marshall plan in achieving it's

objectives?: European hopes were revived and communist party lost its appeal to voters.

17. what 2 countries received the most aid from the Marshall Plan?: Great Britain and France.

18. Why did the US start the Berlin Airlift in 1948?: To fly food and supplies into West Berlin after Stalin's blockade. 19. What were the effects of the Berlin Airlift?: Boosted

American respect around the world and the soviet union lifted the blockade. 20. List original members of N.A.T.O.: Belgium



Great Britain







United States


21. What was the purpose of N.A.T.O?: Give military support to one another in case any member gets attacked.

22. Who is Chiang Kai-Shek?: Leader of Nationalist government in china.

23. How did the American public view Chiang Kai-Shek?:

Admired his courage and determination

24. How did the US government view Chiang Kai-Shek?:

Found his government to be inefficient and hopelessly corrupt.

25. Why did the US government give Chiang Kai-shek 3

billion dollars?: to help him try rebuilding his government so communism wouldn't take over.

26. Who was Mao Zedong?: Communist government leader in North china.

27. Which leader out of Chinag Kai-shek and mao zedong

won the civil war in china?: Mao Zedong and communism. Although chiang had the US's support, his nationalist government was too weak to be rebuilt.

28. Why did the US support...
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