1001 Questions in Araling Panlipunan

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Speaker X: Good government stresses the importance of the nation and accepts the rights of the individual only if the interests of the individual are the same as those of the nation. Speaker Y: The person of the king is sacred and to attack him in any way is to attack religion itself. The respect given to a king is religious in nature. Speaker Z: All human beings are born free and equal with a right to life and liberty. It is the duty of government to protect these natural rights of its citizens. Speaker W: Our goal will not be achieved by democracy or liberal reforms, but by blood and iron. Only then will we be successful. No nation achieves greatness or unity without the traumatic experiences of war.

Which speaker’s statement best reflects the ideas of the Enlightenment? A. X
B. Y
C. Z
D. W
The rule that separated the white people from Africans specifically in South Africa is called __________. A. Discrimination
B. Apartheid
C. Separation
D. Exclusion
One important result of the French Revolution was that

A. France enjoyed a lengthy period of peace and prosperity B. the church was restored to its former role and power in the French government C. political power shifted to the bourgeoisie
D. France lost its spirit of nationalism
Which statement is a valid generalization about the immediate results of the French Revolution of 1789?

A. the Roman Catholic Church increased its power and wealth B. the revolution achieved its goal of establishing peace, democracy, and justice for all C. the revolution had little impact outside France

D. the French middle class gained more power

In France, which was a major result of the French Revolution?

A. the king was restored to unlimited power
B. the clergy dominated government
C. the middle class gained political influence
D. the tax burden was carried by the lower class
A study of revolutions would most likely lead to the conclusion that pre-Revolutionary governments are____________________________.

A. are more concerned about human rights than the governments that replace them B. refuse to modernize their armed forces with advanced technology C. attempt to bring about the separation of government from religion D. fail to meet the political and economic needs of their people 507.

“Congress of Vienna Restores Monarchy to France”
“Czar Nicholas I Limits Freedom of the Russian Press”
“Reform Movements Crushed in Hungary, Italy, and the German States”

These headlines could be described as 
A. reactions to the French Revolution
B. movements to unify all of western Europe
C. efforts to improve the conditions of factory workers
D. attempts to promote trade between European nations
The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would 

A. adopt the ideas of the Protestant Reformation
B. restore Louis XVI to power
C. provide stability for the nation
D. end British control of France
Which of the following best influenced the colonies to be gain freedom from the conquerors? A. Culture
B. Education
C. Economy
D. Nationalism
With the entire imperialists, the country that has the largest colonies was the __________________. A. Britain
B. France
C. Germany
D. Italy
When did the Second Period of Colonialism started?
A. 17th century
B. 19th century
C. 20th century
D. Renaissance Period
Simon Bolivar and Miguel Hidalgo, leaders of Latin American independence movements, were inspired by successful revolutions in A. the United States and France
B. the Soviet Union and China
C. Cuba and Costa Rica
D. Egypt and Kenya
During the early 1800’s, which was a major influence on the struggle for political independence in Latin America? A. poor conditions in urban centers in Latin America
B. the...
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