1 Understand The Principles And Practices

Topics: Summative assessment, Knowledge, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: November 28, 2014
1. Understand the principles and practices of assessment. 1.1Explain the Functions of assessments in Learning and Development The purpose of assessments in the learning and development environment is to principally provide a measurable indicator for the students’ on-going progress. Assessments are carried out through formative (assessing throughout the course), Ipsative (assessing present performance against previous performance) and summative (assessing the total outcome of performance) activities. This aids the learner to appreciate their development in an on-going learning situation, whilst allowing the assessor the opportunity, should it arise, to give valuable feedback, as and when required. The main objectives for these forms of assessment are to measure the learners understanding of the subject matter against the main objectives of the set criteria and to ensure ultimately that learning has actually taken place. Assessments can also be used by the learner to question anything they have not fully understood, this will therefore enhance their knowledge and understanding of the subject that they will have to prove themselves competent in. A good example of this could be seen by identifying individual learner needs and understanding by setting quizzes/tests based on the course criteria. The use of quizzes/tests would aid in capturing formative (on-going) evidence that the learner is showing understanding of the required criteria, prior to an assessment deadline. This would give the assessor a good indication of the learners state of understanding and, if necessary, the assessor may be able to assist the learner with some extra help i.e. extra tuition, homework etc. Functions of Assessment:

Know Your LearnersIntroduce yourself to the learner and make them aware of who you are and what you are there for. Learner OptionsExplain to the learner what is required of them, assist them in finding the most suitable options (units), to get the best value from them...
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