1 Malaysia against Drugs

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1 Malaysia against Drugs
Lately, the cases of drug abuse in our country are increasing. Nowadays not only adults are involved in these cases, but teenagers too. We can see many people suffering from taking drugs and they are addicted to it. I believe that they knew the consequences of taking drugs but still why do they want to take it? There are many possibilities like maybe they are suffering from stress and they don’t know the correct way to express themselves, or maybe they are influenced or challenged by their friends.

Drug addiction is a preventable disease. Results from NIDA-funded research have shown that prevention programs that involve families, schools, communities, and the media are effective in reducing drug abuse. Therefore we should help them no matter what race and religion are they, because we are living in Malaysia, a multiracial country. So we should work hand in hand to reduce the cases of drug abuse and try our best to give them a hand.

There are many ways to against drugs. Firstly, we should probably start from preventing them from getting involved in drugs before they get addicted to it. Be there for them when they need help getting out of a tough situation. If someone faces a tough situation such as winding up at a party where drugs or alcohol are available, be the one who will pick them up without being too harsh or making repercussions. By taking this action, I believe that it will make them more comfortable to say no to their friends or the person who is offering drugs.

Next, become a role model for them. We should hold a positive model to them by encouraging them to think positively and get involve in some beneficial programs such as having charity work, care for the orphan or visit the old folks home. Try to keep their time occupied so that they don’t have the extra time to think of having drugs. We ourselves should not take drugs, and not encourage them to take too. Everyone should do their part and not by counting the...
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