1. How Do Web 2.0 Tools Help Companies Manage Knowledge, Coordinate Work and Enhance Decision Making?

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Managing with Web 2.0
1. How do Web 2.0 tools help companies manage knowledge, coordinate work and enhance decision making? According to the article, companies have introduced the importance of Web 2.0, tools such as blogs, wikis and social networks as means to increase communication within the company and improve productivity in the workforce. Several companies from around the world have observed that these tools are effective in transmitting their message. Also this technology is fast and cheap to maintain. Management has also realized that Web 2.0 is also popular among employees and are difficult to avoid in compared to e-mails or telephonic calls. 2. What business problems do blogs, wikis and other social networking tools help solve? There are several things that these tools can solve, but the most important of all, it reduces cost. This technology can save money to every company. Communication issues can cost a company a client, a business deal, a settlement caused by an accident or to identify a problem caused by an employee. Companies can use Web 2.0 to find information about customer’s opinions on certain operations, such as customer service. 3. Describe how a company such as Wal-Mart or Procter & Gamble would benefit from using Web 2.0 tools internally. Wal-mart has assets and stores around the world from operations in China, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Wal-mart would benefit in simplifying its links to its offices around the world and to its employees and customers. Through blogs and social networks, such as Facebook, they can find out more about what the customer wants. It will also help in attracting and retaining young, energetic employees who utilizes these tools. 4. What challenges do companies face in spreading the use of Web 2.0? What issues should managers is concerned with? There are several issues in concern with Web 2.0, and the most important one is the...

References: -Laudon, L. Management Information Systems.
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