‘People Learn in Different Ways.’ Explain These Differences with Reference to Either Kolb or Honey and Mumford.

Topics: Educational psychology, Knowledge, Learning styles Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: October 16, 2010
People learn in different ways. Some people learn by reading books and absorbing knowledge from them, others by doing things and learn from their own experience or listening to people, their advice and analysing their mistakes. It is important to be able to choose the best way of learning according to particular situation and be able to adopt all the methods to improve the learning. Everyone has their own way of learning, which is often a mixture of different learning styles that the best correspond to us. Understanding your learning styles is the first step in the process of maximizing potential, meeting the educational challenges and it is a good contribution to the development of effective learning skills. Every person in a different way receives and transmits impulses from the surrounding world. The learning style is influenced by both nature and upbringing .

Learning styles are widely discussed in the literature and identified in different ways in different areas of knowledge. Learning styles consider that people learn from one another, including such concept as observational learning, imitation and modelling.

Kolb, D (1984) Experience as the source of learning and development USA, Prentice Hall Inc in his research develop a theory whereby he demonstrated that each individual adopted one of the main learning styles following a cycle. He proposed to change the form of transferring knowledge, so that training, lectures, presentations have become a totally interactive. He illustrated that effective learning can be achieved through reflection and continuous awareness of the need to build upon the experience.

Other theorists (Honey and Mumford 1982) have also developed their learning styles on the Kolb concept. They illustrated ways of learning describing the cycle, which involve having an experience, reflecting on it, concluding from an experience and putting the theory into practise. Given that, there are four different learning styles that include:...
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