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History Final Exam Study Guide
Chapter 14 – Islam
* Islam – literal meaning = submission
* Five Pillars
1. Shahada – the Creed
2. Salat – Prayer – Pray 5 times daily facing Mecca
3. Sawn – Fasting – during Ramadan
4. Haji – Pilgrimage – travel to Mecca at least once in lifetime 5. Zakat – Almsgiving – giving money to religion
* Allah – one true god
* Haji – Pilgrimage to the holy cities of Arabia
* Hijra – The “flight” of Muhammad when he had to flee Mecca after causing an uprising with the Ka’ba * Quran – most sacred scripture of the Muslim world – equivalent to Christian Bible * Shiites – supporters of Ali – 10% of Muslims

* Sunni – Majority section of Islam
Chapter 21 – Renaissance
* Florence – Northern Italy – Birthplace of Renaissance * Humanism – reforming the Christian church to its ancient teachings – use of reason rather than dogma (reincarnation) * Petrarch – Famous scholar and teacher who writes love poems – wants to focus on classical education/teachings * Leonardo Da Vinci – Architecture – jack of all trades – painted Mona Lisa and Last Supper – physics/first model of air plane * Michelangelo – leader in architecture – painted ceiling of Sistine chapel – statue of David * Secularism – the downgrading of everything that is religious or miraculous * Machiavelli – “The Prince” – people must be restrained from each other by prince – prince must be beloved and feared – tip to remember: “Mac” truck * Donatello – known for sculptures

Chapter 23 – Exploration/The New World Opens
* Prince Henry the Navigator – goal to acquire gold and spices from West Africa – created School of Navigation * Christopher Columbus – 1492 – sailed West to find a shorter route to Asia – Landed in Bahamas and West Indies (found America) * Ferdinand Magellan – “gelled” around the world – proved earth is round * Vasco de Gamma – Did Get to India – sailed around Cape of Good Hope * Bartholomew Dias – Sailed east across Indian ocean and landed in India * Northwest Passage –

* Amerigo Vespucci – America named after him – took several journeys across Atlantic – believed the lands discovered by Columbus were a new world, not Asia * Columbian Exchange – transfer of plants, animals, people, disease between “New World” and “Old World” – benefits: good foods/plants transferred (potatoe/horse) – negatives: bad bugs/animals/diseases (small pox) * Small Pox – was transferred from the old world to the new world in the Columbian Exchange – caused many Amerindians to die Chapter 24 – Protestant Reformation – in Germany

* Act of Supremacy – The act King Henry VIII (8th) made in order to have and annulment and then marry Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn to have a child – Gave him the right to be the only supreme head of church * Counter-reformation – Catholic churches attempt to reform (against protestants) – Pope Paul III’s attempts 1. Council of Trent – clarify churches beliefs

2. Educate – Society of Jesuits (led by Ignatius Loyola) – Educate Christians with school 3. Censorship – index of forbidden books – didn’t allow Christians to read about other religions 4. Force – Phillip II – Killed Heretics (people that protest against the church) * Jesuits – Society of Jesus – Pope Paul III allowed the creation of this religion to win back the minds of humanity – taught them to correct instructions – led by Ignatius Loyola * Martin Luther – religious German Monk who rebelled against the church (with 95 theses) – many followers because he is their opportunity – they don’t actually believe what he is saying (they only disagree with the church) * John Calvin – Believed the entire Christian community should be made over – predestination (soul is already destined to go to heaven or hell; justification of why people are wealthy/poor; elect go to heaven) – state and church alliance – fled to Geniva – also...
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