World History Final

Topics: Communism, Capitalism, Marxism Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: October 2, 2013
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Development of integrated worldwide cultural and economic structures. Led to dramatic population expansion, requiring greater agricultural and industrial output. Family structure changes, life span increases, and more goods are available, yet inequalities deepen as decent education and good health determine social status as never before.

Statement of the virtues of the black identity and the validation of African culture and the African past, even in the westernizing world. This idea was shaped in the 1930s by African and African American intellectuals like Senegal’s first president, Leopold Sedar Senghor. Steeped in communal solidarities and able to embrace social justice and equality, while rejecting the naked individualism that Africans felt lay at the core of European culture.

Racial segregation policy of the Afrikaner-dominated South African government. Legislated in 1948 by the Afrikaner National Party, it has existed in South Africa for many years. the rights of the majority 'non-white' inhabitants of South Africa were curtailed and minority rule by white people was maintained. It ended in 1994 after Nelson Mandela was elected president.

Political movement advocating the reestablishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The movement was eventually successful in establishing Israel on 14 May 1948 as the homeland for the Jewish people.

Fourth World
nations without a sovereign state, emphasizing the non-recognition and exclusion of ethnically- and religiously-defined peoples from the politico-economic world system Ex. the Romani people worldwide, the Basque, Sami, pre-First World War Ashkenazi Jews in the Pale of Settlement, the Assyrians, and the Kurds in the Middle East, Pashtun throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, the indigenous peoples of the Americas and First Nations groups throughout North, Central and South America, and indigenous...
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