Why Do We Observe Children?

Topics: Philosophy of science, Scientific method, Knowledge Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: April 15, 2013
NVQ Level 2 in Children’s Care and Learning Development
Unit 203
Ben Thomas

Why do we observe children?
There are many reasons why we observe children. Mainly children are observed because we want to find out what stage of development they are at and whether it matches the average stage of development for their age, it could also be that there has been a change in there behaviour. By observing them we will find out what causes them to react and become stressed. Another reason why we observe children is assess and support their individual special needs so we can plan activities within school to help them learn much easier which will help stimulate them. There is another reason why children are observed, it could be because a child has not been very sociable and doesn’t have many friends or any at all. By observing them you can find out what is causing this or you can plan activities that encourage the children to make friends and work as a team for example ‘setting out chairs in a certain way, than telling each child where to sit so that they don’t favor their friends, they are then encouraged to communicate and get involved with the new children around them.’

If you had concerns following an observation of a child what would you do? If I had a concern which I knew I couldn’t comfort myself, I would pass my observation over to the class teacher, stating my concern and I would ask for guidance, as the class teacher may have had experience with this type of situation in the past. If instructed by the class teacher to go to higher authority I would take me concern to either the Deputy Head or Head.
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