Topics: World War II, European Union, Industrial Revolution Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Question 1
Ans: the factors that driven the change in Macedonia are:
1. Balkans being a political and cultural crossroad throughout history. 2. A civil war in 1990’s due to unresolved ethnic and religious tensions.

Question 2
Ans: The first reason for change in that country was to transform Macedonia into democratic state and integration into European society Secondly, establishment of industrial relations arm that would act as conflict management to solve various ethnic, and political and sectors tensions and differences Third reason was to create a labor education institution that would provide leadership training, labor education, job retraining.

Question 3

Question 4
Ans: The needs to integrate change across business functions in Macedonia are

1 Segmented population -Macedonia had 2 million inhabitants and low industralizatiion rate with a union membership potential of 300000 or less people.

Volatile situation- More communism and less democratic practices. There was a chance of civil war at national level and union itself resulted in disjoint from membership and inablility to work with differences

Despair and uncertainty. There was an overall sense of despair and uncertainty due to a mistrust of the fragile new government, massive unemployment, low industrialization, and a track record for violent conflict in the region.

Power struggles. The project was a collaboration between East and West, between industrialized, democratic and wealthy Western European governments and NGOs, and a former East Bloc country – reeling with poverty, unemployment, low industrialization. Adding to the power imbalance were cultural, ethnic and religious differences, and resentment at the disparity and dependency on the West.

Power imbalance. Because of the power imbalance there was a constant danger of imposing a Western style solution. As the Western partners were offering financial aid, this was especially difficult to navigate....
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