Tourism 1

Topics: Knowledge, Tourism, Black-and-white films Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: July 18, 2013
Michelle DS. Nene

Reflective Journal

Being a student of Hotel and restaurant Management, it is required for us to study and take Principles of Tourism class. Since this is my first reflective journal, let me share to you my initial experiences. At first, I have no idea what to learn and encounter here in this subject. But when I had the chance to meet and see Ma’am Fe, our instructor, with the help of her explanations and orientation about TC1, I began to understand what her subject is all about.

On our first meeting, Ma’am Fe gave us a brief welcome, and some “introduce-yourself” activities wherein we had our chance to meet and know some of our classmates more. On the 2nd and the following meeting, we started to discuss what Tourism is, based on our experiences and own understanding. She gave us a group activity for us to share to each other our own experiences last summer vacation. And from that, we will form our own group definition of Tourism.

The last meeting we had, Ma’am Fe discussed to us the different definitions of Tourism. Also, the principles of tourism, which is according to her, the most important part in our class discussion. In addition, she also mentioned the difference between a tourist and an excursionist, together with the elements of travel. I could say that I had fruitful experiences. Because I know that it is just the beginning of a new learning. And I’m sure that it is not just a requirement to pass my subject but also, a knowledge that will be significant for the rest of my existence.
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