TOK Journal entry

Topics: Science, Communism, Human Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: February 8, 2014
Andrej Grupkovic
Dr. Bammi
Period 7
February 2nd, 2013

IB T.O.K. Journal #1 Assumptions

Statement “Human beings are unaware of their assumptions, much like fish are unaware of the water they live in”

A Great king of Montenegro, Sir Njegoš, once stated that the biggest secret in this world is what does a man truly think. We consider ourselves as a dominating species on this planet; we believe that the knowledge we have created and teach is the knowledge that is, so to speak correct. However human’s can be unaware that their knowledge can only be an assumption. This is why I agree with the statement that is hypothesized above. In this world different people have different assumptions. For example Communism and Capitalism were to the main political views throughout the mid to late 20th century each with their own view to the world. This pro-communist New Zealander writer, Mick Costello wrote, “It is not “human nature” that is the cause of the problems people face today. It is the way society is organized, with a minority of people owning and controlling the wealth.” He believed that communism meant equality to all people. However this is only an assumption (due to various factors) and he is not aware of it because truthfully he has never lived in a communist country (personal experience) and can’t really say that communism is truly beneficial towards people. The 2nd half of the title is an example of humans making assumptions. This person states that fish are unaware of their surrounding yet this is only an assumption but he believes it to be knowledge just by gut feeling and appearance. However, scientists may answer to this statement differently. Scientists had scientific assumptions (such as Isaac Newton on gravity) known as theories. This meaning that it is only an assumption and could be incorrect which gives a contradicting claim to this journal that humans can be aware of their assumptions. These scientists were aware of their assumption...
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