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Culture is the influence on the individual’s personality that happens from the surroundings like nature, religion, region, etc. Culture influence’s individuals so they behave in certain ways that fits their life, therefore people interact with each other; they have phases that coordinate their way of networking. In order to connect, communicate and get along with other cultures there must be an understanding between the two. However, when Assan Motors Company expanded and opened a new plant in the USA they did not have cultural understanding of the USA. For that in Gung Ho, there were several consequences that happened like, the different communication styles, low context vs. high context, dedication to the factory, different working habits/quality of work and collective vs. individualistic.

Americans use a low context form of communication style in comparison to the high context style of the Japanese. Low context involves a more direct communication approach, while high context involves a more indirect style. An example of the Americans using a low context approach is when Hunt goes to the Japan to sell the Assan managers on the idea of coming to Hadleyville. He starts with a presentation and then cuts to the deal and says, “Here’s the deal” and begins explaining himself bluntly. The Japanese are silent, not speaking at all. Silence is generally considered offensive to low-context cultures. The Japanese show a high context style at the softball game, Buster knocks down Matsumura to win the game. Rather than fighting the incident, the Japanese accept the loss. In the movie, high-context culture is seen though the perspective of the Japanese. Another example of high context communication in the movie is shown when they show the differences in communication styles between the Americans and the Japanese. The Japanese greet each other by bowing forward, or making other non-verbal gestures, to show their consideration or even their agreement with the presenter....
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