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The generation today is messed up in many ways. With the lack of understanding and the lack of knowledge in the reason why these people in this generation is messed up. We have came from so much, but without knowing  more we are only going to go backwards instead of forward.

          Sommer’s observations conceptually and culturally however, “Today’s young people live in a moral haze”, and that they are incapable of making even one confident moral judgment. I believe is somewhat accurate because a lot of children today are in a haze. Many people do not have their morals in order or priorities in order. Some young people do not have confidence in their self that is why there are a lot of young children following other peers or looking for people to be just alike instead of making a name for them or having confidence in their self.

          I do believe Sommer’s observations are accurate, but I do not believe they are accurate about me. There are many young children that are not confident in their self to make moral judgment where on my behalf I was the person that made my own judgment and people would follow me and the things I did. I was a football player and on the track team in high school where the younger boys would want to look up to me and try to do the things that I was doing in high school.

          The ways that Sommer’s suggestions for addressing the problems she sees is “To treat this, we must improve their knowledge and understanding of moral history and restore their confidence in the great moral ideals. It is still possible for them to become morally articulate, morally literate, and morally self-confident.” When she says this she is calling it the “Great Relearning”. She is saying that we have to help and restore the knowledge of these children. We have to show them that knowledge is needed and that you have to understand everything throughout time because most of the children today do not even know when the Ten Commandments were...
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