Report on "Be Able to Create Strategies to Increase Personal Networking to Widen Involvement in the Decision-Making Process" @ Banoful Ltd.

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 9 (2357 words) Published: September 15, 2013
With meaningful well wishes , I’m going to start my answers to the given tasks ...


The organization I’ve run my studies on is a well-known sweetmeat manufacturer named BANOFUL & CO. LTD..

BANOFUL & CO. LTD. began its long and smooth journey on August 18, 1989 , from the port city CHITTAGONG . Initially they had their only branch at Lalkhan Bajar while they were typically PIONEER in the field of readymade sweetmeat’s business outside the capital city . Since then , they’d made a sweet journey with time , and today we see them the business buzzblast of their field , maintaining the same best quality since the very beginning . Very lately they’ve inaugurated their 151st branch in Ukhia , Cox’sbazar . They’ve 75 branches only in the district of Dhaka along with 2 contractual agents . They are now running business successfully in about all 7 divisions of the country .. {{M.A. Motaleb, a conscious citizen of high foresight , looking forwards towards a good and healthy Bangladesh ,}} opened BANOFUL & CO. LTD. with view to serve people quality food packed with//in wrap of reasonable price and better service . Now 2000 workforce are employed to meet up the ultimate customer satisfaction and at the same time to smoothen the production process .

((((((((( BANOFUL & CO. LTD. is well-equipped with modern machinery imported from Italy & India . By using the most advanced technology BANOFUL & CO. LTD. is now able to produce 15,000 tons per year of different kinds of confectionary, bakery and snacks item. BANOFUL & CO. LTD. has the 7 factories in different location all over Bangladesh .)))))))))) Good variety and quality is the main strength of the company and it helps the organization to become leading national brand in Bangladesh.

Task 1: identify stakeholders for a decision-making process .

Decision making is something that is done most frequently and the most important for any sort of organization . It’s done in an organized way to achieve success having that materialized . Stakeholder : Individuals , groups or organisations that has concern or interest in an organization . They have impact upon the organization , and same does organization have upon them . Thus they are somehow important , for the decision making of the organization . Here the stakehoders are identified for BANOFUL & CO. LTD.

First comes the INTERNAL Stakeholders ::
OWNER : One who owns the organization . He is the first internal stakeholder , who is concerned the most about the organization . He ensures everything needed and good for the organization , and sometimes makes decisions by himself .. •DIRECTORS : The skilled and experienced persons authorized to make decisions in an organization . BANOFUL & CO. LTD. has 3 directors to make decisions each in his respective departments . •MANAGERS : Those who are in charge and responsibility of making decisions happen . BANOFUL & CO. LTD. got managers in charge of departments , as well as of branches who supervise those departments and branches .. •EMPLOYEES : The persons appointed or employed in different departments . They deliver dedication in form of labour and service ..

Then comes the CONNECTED Stakeholders ::
SHAREHOLDERS : The smaller investors holding assets and liabilities of the organization in little amounts . BANOFUL & CO. LTD. has no shareholders .. •CUSTOMERS : The most important stakeholders of an organization , who purchase the products , and contribute to making profits . BANOFUL & CO. LTD. has countrywide...
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