Religion and Morality

Topics: Pregnancy, Religion, Morality Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Morality refers to personal decisions about what is right and wrong- Everyday situations.

Absolute morality is when the answer never changes and is the same in all circumstances ‘don’t cause anyone harm’ Relative morality is when the answer can be adapted to the person’s circumstance, ‘don’ cause anyone harms’ – might go to war because it causes harm to others but stops greater suffering in the future.

Sanctity of life: for a religious believer the sanctity of life is a reason for it being special. Apart from Buddhism, all the major religions believe God was responsible for creating life. Some believe that we have evolved naturally over millions of years leading to the situation we have today. Christianity and Islam believe in the creation story which shows God created life – life is special – was created by God – he still has responsibility over it – no person has the right to damage or destroy life. Value of life: The value of a person’s life – financial terms – some may argue that because life is God given it can’t have a value. The value of life can be due to the amount you have given to society/friends/family. The quality of life: living with comfort, being free from pain, freedom and dignity are seen as good quality of life. Religious believer classify the possibility of accessing or experiencing God as good quality of life. If the person has bad quality of life, would they be better of dying?

‘God sends us and we take birth.’ Adi Granth

Muslims believe life begins at one moment when the foetus receives a soul (ensoulment), approx 120 days- linked to organ development, nervous system, brain activity. Considering when life begins affects religious beliefs – life starting before or at conception, fertility treatment, human genetic engineering & embryology involve taking life – all religions oppose.

Life begins at:

Conception- moment sperm fertilises the egg.
14days- after conception, embryo...
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