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The Importance of Having a Dictionary

Should every student use a dictionary in their daily learning? Could a dictionary help students with their learning skills? I thought it was a waste of time to use a dictionary regularly until I received my poor essay mark for using too many simple words. Having a dictionary is important for students because it will help student to gain vocabulary as well as to learn efficiently.

Firstly, students will gain vocabulary fast while using dictionaries. It means students could learn and understand meanings of different words. The first part they can learn are those unknown words, such as some technical words they see from a science fiction novel. When a student checks on unknown word in a dictionary, he will try to memorize its meaning to improve his vocabulary. The second part of benefit brought by dictionaries is learning more information about known words. For example, if a student wants to replace the word “good” with a high level word, he could find “terrific” in the dictionary. Hence, a dictionary helps students not only to improve their vocabulary but also to learn more efficiently. Secondly, a dictionary helps a student to be more efficient at learning. It means students will achieve their academic goals without wasting time or doing useless work. First, having a dictionary can save a lot of time for students. For instance, when a student is reading a paper and gets stuck on an unknown word, he can just pick up a dictionary an check it. In addition, students will learn things independently. For example, they can always learn things alone with help from a good dictionary. Thus, students will learn faster and better with a dictionary. In conclusion, having a dictionary is important for students because it can enhance their knowledge about words and help to improve their learning skills. If students want to improve their vocabulary and study more efficiently, start...
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