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English 150 12-22
American dream
Due: Wednesday January 23
Ones view of the American dream can be completely different from another’s own ideals; yet it is about gaining knowledge and what you do with it that defines what your dream is. Application of experience and knowledge can lead to achievement of your own American dream. Trying your hardest and applying yourself, your chance of hard ships arising won’t stop you from fulfilling your vision. Depending personality and experience the American dream can be anything. What my American dream is may be very different from others that I perceive.

In my opinion the American dream is to finish high school with a decent G.P.A. Pursuing an education in college would allow me to achieve in more understanding of this world also challenge me to do my best. Once finished with college, I would have the experience and wisdom to pursue a career that would build a stable income to support a family. Because of the freedom America offers, I plan to save up and travel with the people I love. I plan on traveling; all around the United States, and hopefully one day, to visit Sydney, Australia. While vacationing I would hope to go sky diving, bungee jumping, and see the wonders of other countries as well. The day I complete all of these life goals is the day my American dream becomes reality.

In some cases there are people whose American dream is getting through life doing the very minimum. High income, class rank, or even stability isn’t goals in their lives. They are just happy to be able to live life freely as they please. On the contrary, there are individuals out there whose American dream is to be superior to others; and achieve more. Some people will work their whole lives for the best careers that include the best pays, so that others respect and see them highly. Then there are people who cannot fulfill their dream, so they simply settle for whatever comes along. Their dream may be to go with the flow and see...
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