Mr Jones – tsar of Russia, represented the ruling class just before the Communist Revolution of 1917

Topics: Communism, Totalitarianism, Marxism Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Animal Farm
Chapter 1
Mr Jones – tsar of Russia, represented the ruling class just before the Communist Revolution of 1917. Orwell wants us to think of him as a person who exploits and oppresses the lower and working class. •Why has Orwell given him an ordinary name? Cruel and selfish behaviour is not found in kings and Tsars only. As we shall see, it will not be long before the pigs themselves will be behaving as bad as Mr Jones. •Orwell hated Totalitarianism (government controlled by one political party group which suppresses all opposition, often with force and which controls all aspects of people’s lives). •Totalitarian Governments regulates what goods are produced by the industry. •Northern Germany and Fascist Italy had totalitarian systems of government as well as the Soviet Communist Government. •Pg 19: “Boot” – Orwell said that totalitarianism is like a boot in the face of the human race. •The fact that Mr Jones was “drunk” signified that the ruling class of the time were decadent (lose morals) in contrast to the simple and wholesome attitude of life held for example by Boxer. •“Snoring” – symbol of indifference of the ruling class towards the working class. •Old Major – Karl Marx and Lenin. Lenin came from the middle class and Old Major is described as “the Middle White boar”. •“Strange Dream” – dream of a revolution after which ordinary people will be free from the oppression of the Tsar and the ruling class. For a time the dream will be realised however it will not be long before that dream will be betrayed by the pigs who will behave exactly the same as their cruel masters. •Pg 20: “Majestic looking pig” – significant that Major is described like this, it indicates the way the pigs who would have hated the principles of royalty came to behave like royalty themselves. •Clover is described as a “stout motherly mare” which possibly represents mother Russia. That attitude will also be violated by the selfish and dictatorial behaviour of...
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