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In today’s world mobile phones and organizers are being used for variety of purposes rather than traditional use of simply making or receiving calls. Mobile Phones are rather becoming an important tool of communication be it voice, data or information. Mobile Business will provide solutions for Circumferential Auto Sports through the use of information technologies and communication technologies for the purpose of mobile integration of different value chains and business processes. The goal of the project proponents in this study is to create a fast, easy and user friendly mobile business for Circumferential Auto Sports. The system will brought about benefits for the organization, which includes the following: accurate and efficient assistance in giving out relevant information, cut-down in the amount of spent resources, time saving; organized data, enhancement of coordination on collaboration tasks; and additional income.

The study will focus in the development of Mobile Business for Circumferential Auto Sports. To promote the features and information regarding the company, the services rendered by business establishment and ensure the integrity of the company as implemented. The propose Mobile Business will provide strong security for the assurance of potential online customers for Circumferential Auto Sports. The business owner and customers can benefit from this system through a more efficient and effective business transaction.

On software development and implementation, the project proponents will be utilized the Rapid Application Development (RAD) in order to systematize and to organize the system in a short period of time.

The features of Mobile Business for Circumferential Auto Sports are: Log-in/Log-out, Inventory Management with Reorder Point, Online Messaging, Billing System, Online Reservation and Help Assistance.

On the completion of the software project, a working mobile business system will be installed at...
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