Mkt 510 Discussion Questions

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Discussion 1: “Alternative Evaluation and Selection.”
Determine if you would use an attribute-based or an attitude-based decision approach to purchasing (or renting or giving to) the following; pick two (2): a. A present for your romantic partner
b. A movie
c. A sports car
d. A BBQ grill
e. A personal trainer
f. An i-Phone

According to the textbook, “attribute-based choice requires the knowledge of specific attributes at the time the choice is made, and it involves attribute-by-attribute comparisons across brands”; “attitude-based choice involves the use of general attitudes, summary impressions, intuitions, or heuristics,” (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2010). Using the above information and the previous definitions, I would use an attribute-based decision when buying a sports car and an attitude-based decision when purchasing a present for my husband. When buying a sports car, most people would take into account the attributes or features of the car. When buying a gift for a romantic partner, most people would probably use their intuition, or attitude-based decision.

Describe a purchase decision for which you used affective choice, one for which you used attitude-based choice, and one for which you used attribute-based choice. Explain why the type of decision process you used varied. In affective choice making, the evaluation itself is based on the immediate emotional response to the product of service. An example of a purchase decision for which I used affective choice is the last outfit that I bought. It made me feel good about how I looked wearing it, so I bought it. An example of an attitude-based choice that I recently made was my husband’s birthday gift. Based on what I know he likes and what I think is a good birthday gift for him, I made my decision from this. An example of an attribute-based choice that I recently made was our new house. After looking for many months, and comparing one house after another, we finally found the house for...
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