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Topics: Sun, Weather, Coconut Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Oman is a country of enormous diversity and natural beauty, which has much view to attract the discerning traveler. Some examples of these views: gold beaches, huge forts, turtles which put its eggs in the hole! Salalah and Musandam are concerned one of the most beautiful places in oman, they contain variety natural beauty. There are several differences between Salalah and Musandam including crafts and industries, weather and beaches. What crafts and industries do Salalah and Musandam have? Salalah and Musandam are common in fishing and commerce. But you can find in Salalah more kinds of crafts and industries like grazing, livestock, sewing and embroidery. On the other hand, Musandam has other crafts and industries, for Example: folk medicine and agriculture which produces dates, lemon, fruit and vegetables. In addition boating industry and pottery industries.  The second difference between Salalah and Musandam is the weather. The climate in Salalah is colder than Musandam especially from July to September, that what we call Alkarif. Woow the weather becomes very amazing! In contrast, Musandam's climate is very intense heat in the summer season. Both of two towns become hot and wet rest of the year. These usual whether in Oman! The most attractive things in them are the beaches. Salalah has several amazing beaches such as Almughsail, Raisute and Taqah which characterized by soft and silver sands, beautiful stones and coconut trees. Wooow how much I like this places! On the other hand, you can find other view in Musandam's beaches which gold sands under the hot sun and high mountains. You can enjoy watching marine organisms and diving in the sea.  In conclusion, Salalah and Musandam are beautiful area to attract tourists, because Salalah has senior whether in Oman and Musandam has amazing sun! Both of towns have variety crafts and different beaches. I hope visit these towns soon. I'm sure that our government spends great effort to develop and improve the tourism...
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