Knowledge Based System

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Estrada, Marry Jane P.
Duterte, Ferdinand E.

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Knowledge-Based Systems- are adept at preserving capture and/or discovered knowledge for later sharing and/or application. From end-user’s perspective Knowledge-Based System has three components: * Intelligent Program

* User Interface
* Problem-Specific database(“Workspace”)

User Interface
Intelligent Program


Knowledge-based System: User’s View.
Intelligent Program
Encapsulates most of the knowledge, including possibly knowledge representations of rules, frames, defaults, and has a hierarchies, etc. Typically rarely necessary for end users to access, and often dangerous from a security standpoint. User interface

May enable the intelligent program to pose questions to the user about the problem at hand

May provide explanations about why the intelligent program is asking particular questions May allow the user to query the intelligent program as to why or how a particular decision was made

Displays results

May provide graphic representations of the results (e.g., decision tree paths, parts of the instantiated class hierarchy, etc.)

May allow the user to save or print results

Problem-specific database (“workspace”)

“Database” in this context refers not to some flat or relational database, but rather a logical representation of known facts (beginning with axioms, from which inferences are drawn)

The working space where the system reads any inputs and writes its outputs (in logic form)

The inputs consist of all information provided either automatically or by the user via the UI

The outputs consist of all conclusions the intelligent program is able to drive, including both the final solution required by the user, as well as intermediate conclusions that act as stepping-stones in the path to the final conclusion

From developer’s perspective, Kb system has two main components: * Intelligent Program
* Development Environment

Test Case Database
Knowledge Acquisition Tool
Developer’s Interface
Development Shell
Knowledge base
Inference Engine

Intelligent Program

Intelligent program: the knowledge base (KB)

Arguably the most important component of a KB system

Contains the entire relevant, domain-specific, problem-solving knowledge gathered and integrated by Kostroma the various available sources I.e.: contains the knowledge to be managed!

Intelligent program: the inference engine

The interpreter of the knowledge stored in the KB

Examines the contents of the knowledge base and the input data accumulated about the current problem

Exercises the knowledge to derive the conclusions or answer the user’s question

Development environment

Like any IDE, assists the developer with structuring, debugging, modifying, and expanding the “program”, which in this case is knowledge gathered from experts. Inside are:

Knowledge acquisition tool
Test case database
Developer’s interface

Development environment: Knowledge acquisition tool
Assists the KE in the construction of the KB
Simplest form:

A KB editor, providing a view of the knowledge (rules, frames, etc) and offering editing functions

Sophisticated form can add a wide range of features:
Multiple browsers for the KB, in both text and graphical forms, hierarchical as well as linear

Debuggers and checkers to assist KE in locating “bugs” (logical inconsistencies, typos, etc)

Tools that compare existing knowledge to new knowledge, to attempt to guess what the KE really means in case the KE is not as precise as required (analogy: word completion) Version control mechanisms to provide fine-grained book keeping

Development environment: Test case database

The KE often makes potentially significant (and dangerous!) changes to the KB. Deleting...
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