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Topics: Knowledge, Knowledge management, Tacit knowledge Pages: 9 (1514 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Asist. univ. dr. Ivona Orzea Faculty of Business Administration Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


Two predominant goals of the organization are the generation and the application of knowledge. An organization that has the ability to create knowledge on an ongoing basis has the advantage of having developed a unique capability of being dynamic. The competence to generate and apply new organizational knowledge is considered as one of the main sources of the competitive advantage of the firm.


The study of literature revealed that there are three distinct phases of knowledge management: before the 90s, the early 90s and the late 90s. 

In the first phase of knowledge management managers focused on data and information processing, and on information systems management. The goal was to observe, gather, store in data bases, and manage existing knowledge in information systems as any other assets. In the second phase, knowledge management focused on the organizational knowledge sharing process.

In the third phase the focus changed to the sources and stimulating factors of knowledge creation.



Knowledge creation is about continuous transfer, combination, and conversion of the different types of knowledge, as users practice, interact, and learn. Knowledge sharing and knowledge creation go hand in hand. Knowledge is created through practice, collaboration, interaction, and education, as the different knowledge types are shared and converted.



The knowledge vision of a firm is an integral part of the strategic vision of organization, and it is strongly related to the fundamental question “why do we exist?” The knowledge vision results from the strategic management of the firm and it gives a direction to the process of knowledge creation. It also defines a consistent value system to evaluate and justify the knowledge created in the organization. The organization needs a value system in order to define what truth, goodness, and beauty are for the organization.


For knowledge to be created and justified on the basis of the firm’s knowledge vision, the firm needs a concrete concept, goal, or action standard to connect the vision with the knowledge-creating process of dialogue and practice. Such a concept standard is often called a driving objective because it drives the knowledge-creating process.


The world is full of contradictions, and duality becomes an essence of reality. Knowledge creation is guided through the synthesis of contradictions, which is actually an old philosophical principle. Synthesis in organizational knowledge creation may be obtained through social interaction. One can pursue the essence of seemingly contradictory things and accept others’ views through dialogues. Dialogue is also a very efficient way of learning others’ views that are different from one’s own, and to accept and synthesize them. The dialogues create meanings. For instance, at Toyota, managers encourage dialogues to take place in daily operation at every level through the practice of “ask why five times.”


Since knowledge is created through dynamic interaction, leadership in a knowledge-creating firm requires active commitment from all members of the organization, not just a few elite members. Organization learning has become a necessity for the survival of businesses. A learning culture in organizations is important as it opens up informal and formal channels to dialectical thinking, debates, and critiques. However, if an organizational culture does not promote experimental learning, informal peer reviews, and informal guidance, it is likely...
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