Just Lather

Topics: Morality, Fiction, Kill Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: September 15, 2012
“Just lather, that’s all” retrieves
* Introduction: A man walks into a barber shop. Once the barber recognizes the customer he becomes anxious. The man removes his military attire and prepares for his shave. * Rising action: the barber and the still mysterious man start to talk about the Characters

* The barber: the barber is the protagonist of the story. He is secretly a rebel who retaliates against Captain Torres. He is a man who has impeccable morals and holds great pride in himself and all he does. He is completely aware of all actions he makes and contemplate them with immaculate precision before proceeding. * Captain Torres: is the antagonist of the story. He is courageous and confident as he defenselessly put his life in the hands of a man many presumed would kill him. Torres does not have great value for the human life and is very carless about his actions especially when towards others. The brutality of Torres and his dealings is shown immediately * Relationship between characters: there is tension between the characters throughout the story. Setting

* Barber shop Columbia
* Past (1930s)
* Summer (it was hot, they were sweating, sun burnt)
* Afternoon (2:00)
* Theme of the story is morality. In this story the barber is presented with an exceedingly difficult decision to make. He has the opportunity to kill his enemy. This story focuses on the conflict the barber goes through considers the morally correct decision and the politically correct decision. Narrator

* The narration was in 1st person
* Told from the point of view of the barber
The tone of this story is very serious as it is dealing with literally a life or death situation. decision

The mood set in the story is tension. Tension is created between these characters as you know at least one of them has a secret kept from the other. The barber is also contemplating killing Torres so there is that...
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